Adventures in East Texas

We've been looking for towns for our next project and decided to head over to East Texas. Most of our adventures have either been in the panhandle area or closer to the hill country but we wanted to scout out somewhere new.

This town is a bit bigger than the ones we are used to visiting. It really is a great town with a really cool downtown/square area. It does have an old abandoned hospital that you can see from the road.


We just wanted to check out the only natural lake in Texas while we were in the area. Caddo Lake is on the very edge of Texas and actually spans over into Louisiana. Its worth checking out just to see all the cypress trees.

Caddo Lake 1
Caddo Lake 2
Caddo Lake 3

Right on Caddo Lake is a town called "Uncertain", it resembles more of a vacation type town with cabins to rent, hook-ups for RV's and marinas for people to launch their boats. Just keep a look out for Big Foot, he is known for hanging around these parts.