Melvin was the only town we went to during our 3rd film exploration but Patti has a excellent group of photos you can see here. Once we set up shop there and started looking around everyone there was super friendly and was more than happy to tell us about their town.

In addition to our awesome regular crew of creatives we have some aerial video by Chris Gomez and a graphic for the opening by Becca Chavoya. I think they really helped bring a special feel and cinematic look to the piece. Thanks guys!

Dont forget to share and leave us feedback ! We are looking for the next town for our 5th film so stay tuned.

Special Thanks : Mayor Chad Holubec and R.L. Hangroves

Producer/Editor/Director - Coleman Anderson
Director of Photography - Erik Clapp
Research/Stills- Patti Bandy
Drone Photography- Chris Gomez
Music- Paul Boll and Paul Unger
Melvin Graphic - Beccas Chavoya

Shot in 4K on the Black Magic Ursa