Regency Suspension Bridge

We had a recent excursion that put us close to the Regency Suspension Bridge outside Goldthwaite. While we didn't get any interviews, we couldn't resist getting some shots of one of the last suspension bridges in Texas in 4K with the new Black Magic Ursa camera.

When we got to the road leading to the bridge the sign said "closed to local traffic only." We went a little further and found people driving over it... slowly. The bridge wasn't in terrible of a shape but I certainly wouldn't drive a 1-ton pickup over it. I wish I could have interviewed someone formally but a local told me that it had been closed for 4 months and "they aint done shit to it since"

This is a short video wanted to get out there while working on our next video about a nearby town called Richland Springs. I also wanted to give a shout out to our music composers/supervisors Paul Boll and Paul Unger. They did an incredible custom piece just for this called "Cross River Bridge"  - Enjoy!


Editors Note : To get the best quality watch in on a computer and hit the gear button and the bottom right and select "4K"


Director/Editor: Coleman Anderson
Director of Photography : Erik Clapp
Still Photography/Research : Patti Nelson Bandy


"Cross River Bridge"
By Paul Boll and Paul Unger


Shot in 4K with the Black Magic Ursa Cinema Camera using SLR Magic Anamorphot Lens Adaptor

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