Spanish Fort (FILM)

This is a short companion piece for Spanish Fort we covered awhile back. You can check out all the awesome photos HERE. It doesn't have any interviews but it has some great shots and outlook into some of the interesting parts of the town.

As always thanks to the awesome Paul Boll for putting this custom soundtrack together for us!

We are in pre-production for the next film. See you then!

Spanish Fort

One thing we can all agree on is how hot Texas is in July. We woke up at 4am to visit a few towns just so we could beat the heat. The first town we hit was Spanish Fort located in Montague county.

Spanish Fort has some interesting history. The Taovaya Indians called the area home around the 1750's. After the Taovaya raided a nearby Presidio, the Spanish retaliated.  The Indian fort was heavily protected and armed. Over 6,000 Indians fought and held the Spanish off until the Spanish retreated.

Later an Anglo settler found a Spanish artifact and mistakenly named it Spanish Fort. The town has some fascinating history. Read more about it here :

We arrived right at sunrise so we didn't meet too many locals other than a couple friendly cowboys riding horses across from the old school.

Big thanks to Patti Bandy and Mark Mayr for going on the trip with me. Video to follow in a few weeks !