Richland Springs

Our 2nd trip took took us to San Saba county that took us to the Regency Suspension Bridge and then to the town of Richland Springs. We met some great people while we were there and learned a lot about the town and its agriculture roots. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below !


Special Thanks to Lisa Young and James Hammett

Director/Editor - Coleman Anderson
Director of Photography - Erik Clapp
Still Photography/Research - Patti Bandy
Music by Paul Boll

Shot anamorphic on Black Magic Ursa and Black Magic Pocket Camera.

Bibliography :

Bellvue, Texas

Bellevue, Clay County, Texas

Bellevue is located on US Route 287 northwest of Fort Worth. As of 2000 there were less than 400 people living within its borders. The city was incorporated 1902. Growth was halted in 1906 when a tornado hit town and left little standing. Like many Texas ghost towns much of the population left during the Great Depression as people searched for work.

The few residents of Bellvue said most of the older buildings have been sold off for the materials, like fossils and old rock. 

-Patti Bandy (Photographer)

Bibliography -


Ringgold, Montague County, Texas
Ringgold, Texas is a community in Northwestern Montague County. Settled in the 1870's, the post
office wasn't established until 1892. By the 1970's the population was estimated to be about 100
people. Ringgold is on U.S. Highways 81 & 82, seventy-nine miles North of Fort Worth.

Photos by Patti Nelson Bandy

House, Ringgold

Ringgold Christian Church, 6th Street

Ringgold Christian Church, 6th Street

Ringgold Church, Orange Street

Ringgold Church, Orange Street

Ringgold School, Ballpark

Ringgold School, Ballpark

Shop, Ringgold

Shop, Ringgold


Check out our first of hopefully many films here at Once Upon A Town! Our first excursion we set out to to the western part of north Texas (think past Wichita Falls but not to Amarillo) and then headed back south . In the middle of the trip we visited Thalia, Texas in between Vernon and Crowell off highway 70. This town has some great history and plenty of buildings still standing.

There we met Rocky Wisdom and the Gray family who loved to talk about the town and its history and let us in the almost century old school building. Check it out here and help spread the word !

Credits and Technical info after the video.


Director/Editor : Coleman Anderson
Director of Photography : Erik Clapp
Research and Still Photography : Patti Bandy
Music Composers: Paul Unger and Paul Boll

Primary Camera : GH4 in 4k Anamorphic with Anamorphot lens (Erik Clapp)
B Camera : Black Magic Pocket Camera (Coleman Anderson)
Graded with Osiris/Impulz Luts